Have a California tan without the hassle of spending hours on a sun bed or being roasted in the sun.
Use our spray tan for an easy and safe way to achieve a beautiful long lasting tan, without the health risks.

If you’re looking for an even suntan where you can choose the colour depth, spray tanning has been invented for you. It’s incredibly quick and offers flawless results.

Pre Spray Tan Advice

  • Exfoliate from head to toe, preferably the day before
  • Moisturise the day before treatment. However do not moisturise not on the day of your spray tan, as this can cause a barrier
  • Shave/wax at least 24 hours prior to treatment
  • Remove all product i.e. deodorants/perfumes/make-up before treatment as these can affect result
  • Remove any jewellery and leave off until you shower off your spray tan
  • Wear old, loose, dark clothing
  • Wear or bring thongs for your feet; avoid boots, tights, trainers and socks
  • Tan can sometimes stain underwear- wear old undies, a disposable g-string (provided) or no undies to avoid having a tan line.
  • Eyebrow tinting must be carried out at least 24 hours prior and post to having your spray tan, as it will affect the colour.
  • Unfortunately Lemon Tree Beauty Salon will not spray tan pregnant ladies so please advise if you are pregnant, Thank you.

After Spray Tan Advice

  • Avoid washing your hands, splashing with water and rain until you shower off your tan
  • Do not spray perfume, deodorant or use any product on your face or body until you shower off your tan
  • Avoid tight clothing until you shower off your tan
  • Try to keep cool to avoid sweating until you shower off your tan
  • Try not to touch any part of your face or body while your tan is developing as you don’t want to end up with tanned palms in the morning
  • When the time comes, shower in warm (not too hot) water, use a tiny amount of gentle body wash and keep the shower time to a minimum. You will notice the bronzer washing off. Do not panic, this is just the bronzer. Shower until the water runs clear, to ensure this bronzer has been removed. You will be left with the tan, which remains. Do not be alarmed when your Rapid tan appears not to have worked; you may shower it off after just one to two hours but it will continue to develop after showering
  • After showering gently pat your skin dry instead of rubbing
  • Once you have showered off your tan apply moisturiser (not a body oil as this will affect your tan) both morning and night to help prolong your tan. The more you moisturise the better!
  • Take care when exercising, as heavy sweating may cause your tan to fade unevenly and prematurely
  • Avoid long, hot showers and especially baths as well as visiting swimming pools and Jacuzzis for long periods of time as it will shorten the life of your tan
  • Avoid waxing as this will remove your tan
  • Avoid shaving as this will affect your tan